Update . . . WHAT?!?!

So, it's been a while . . . or six months, whatever.  Life's busy, what can I say?

My afternoon class was cancelled, so I have little to do and thought it was time for a nice little update.  I now have a grand total of 13 days left of class (I only go to school three days a week).  Woohoo.  In just over a month, I will be Keri A. Wood, J.D.  :)  I'm kind of excited, but incredibly nervous.  I will be moving back to Alabama to study for and take the Bar exam.  SO, that means to my friends, you have a little over a month to hang out with me before I fall off the face of the earth until August.  I'm forewarning you that it will happen.  It has to happen because I am only taking the Bar exam ONE time. 

Well, here's a few pictures to update you all on the last few months.

 Emily, Chris, Boone, and I at Shuckers one night last fall

3Ls at Shuckers
Chris, me, Matt, Trey, Emily, and Hunter

MCLaw's Halloween Party
Harper, Matt, Houston, and me

Roommate Kip and I at Voodoo Fest in NOLA over Halloween

Carly and I listening to the music at Voodoo

MCLaw's Legal Fraternities joined together to raise money for two very worthy organizations.
Jordan, me, Jenn, and Emily

Sara, Lucy and I at FJones Corner one night

Roommate Justin graduated in December and moved back to Ohio

At Fenians on my birthday

Miss Olivia Grace Sellers (a/k/a "the kid") blessed the world with her presence on Jan. 19

Mommy, O, and I on O's second day in the world

MCLaw's annual bowling tournament
Our team:  Bowlable Hours

A friend from law school married a friend from ASMS in Savannah over Spring Break.  I drove down to celebrate with them and ran into Matt, one of my favorite people from working at the AG's office a couple summers ago.

Jimmy and I at the wedding.

The law school kids who drove to Savannah to celebrate with BTerry and Jenni.

After the wedding, I spent the rest of the week in Jacksonville with the kid.

Law School Prom (or, officially, Barristers' Ball)

My 'prom' date, John, and I

Best friends!

MC Scholarship Dinner
Congressman Alan Nunnelee, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, and MC President Lee Royce joined us.

So, as my last few weeks as a Mississippi resident draw to a close, I have sooooo much to be thankful for.  I look forward to enjoying the next few weeks with some of the greatest people in the world; however, I'm a little ready to see what the next chapter of my life will contain.