T3T - Games

This week's Top 3 is my favorite games.  It can be any type of game, so I tried to pick my favorite from a couple of different categories and then I put those in order of my top 3.

3.  Capture the Flag
Oh the memories from this game!  We used to play when we were kids, but I also played in college.  This game is so much fun because you can play over an entire neighborhood, a complete college campus, or all over Wal Mart.  The basic rules are here in case you need to catch up on your knowledge of Capture the Flag!  By the way, apparently you can play online.

2.  Spades

I love Spades!  It is by far my most favorite card game!  I could play all night and have before.  There are several different variations of rules, but here are the "official" rules.  I have so many fun memories of playing this game.  The most important part of Spades is having a great partner!

1.  Rock Band
I LOVE ROCK BAND!!!!  My roommates and I bought this game after we finished our big briefs during the fall.  We unlocked every single song on the game and we are the only people I know who have done that.  We even have our 'official' band at our house.  Kip is the drummer, Justin is the singer, Patrick is the guitarist and I am the bassist.  We're so hardcore, we even have our seats/areas in the living room.  Last semester we played ALL the time.  We kind of got tired of it, but I could play whenever and wherever.  I am not a great singer, so I don't like to sing.  I SUCK at the drums.  I prefer bass, but I can play guitar.  I can play bass on hard (not expert, I'm not that good) and sometimes guitar on hard, but I usually play it on medium.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the 'official' band (I forgot our name! man!), but this is me on bass, Jamie on drums, and David on guitar at a party at our house one night.

I love games!  Sometimes I'd rather have a game night than go out.  Games are fun because you definitely get to interact with one another and just be silly!


Top 3 Thursday - Books

I feel like I have missed a couple of these, but when Lacey sent this week's Top 3, I knew I HAD to do it!  This week it is my top 3 books.  Guys, if you know anything about me whatsoever, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read.  I could do nothing but read all day every day and be fine and happy.  I'm not kidding.  I read anything and everything from autobiographies to fiction and from food labels to novels.  I thought I would love to do this week's Top 3, but instead, it was incredibly hard.  I can't say these are my Top 3 books, they're just the first 3 that came to mind that I really enjoy!
3.  All of Jane Austen's Novels

I love classics.  Jane Austen is one of the most amazing authors.  Her stories are absolutely beautifully written and so full of every emotion.  I just love them.  I think my favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park. 

2.  My Hands Came Away Red
I love to go to bookstores and bargain shop.  Barnes & Noble usually has some pretty good deals.  But, Lifeway Christian Store has amazing book deals!  I picked this book up early last summer for like $3 at Lifeway and it was seriously one of the best books I have ever read.  It's about a girl who joins a group of other teenagers and they go to do mission work in like Indonesia.  The story is all about their journey.  AMAZING.  Please read this book!  It's Christian fiction and a book I could honestly not put down and when it was over, I wanted to keep reading more!

1.  Sarah Dessen books
A couple of my old small group girls from Troy suggested I read some of Sarah Dessen's books.  They're the ones who introduced me to the Twilight series when there was only 2 books in the series, so I trust their book judgment!  I ordered a couple of Sarah's books off of Amazon for cheap and I LOVE them.  Sure, they are written for teenagers, but her stories are so great and so real, I just love reading them!  Again, I love everything I have read by her, so it's hard to pick a favorite.  I really like "Along for the Ride."  If I had to pick one, I'd have to say it is my favorite.

Like I said though, I LOVE to read EVERYTHING.  If you're ever interested in reading something new, I'm your 'go-to' girl for suggestions!  And, if you ever read anything that you think is particularly good, PLEASE share!


Sweet Irony

I am now 3/4 of the way finished with 2/3 of my law school career.  :)  I am a little bit excited. 

Finals started this past Tuesday.  Of course I had a final the very first day.  Insurance Law.  It was tough.  3 hours.  90 multiple choice.  Open book, open notes - meaning I had an amazing 130 page outline complete with a table of contents AND my case book.  Sure, sounds great, right?  Yeah, it sucked.  Insurance was an interesting class (if you have any questions about your policies or legal rights concerning your policies, I'm your free go-to woman) but it covered so much material and our professor was sure to test us on ALL of it.  Oh well, one down.

My next final was on Thursday.  Business Associations.  3 hours.  45 multiple choice.  1 essay with 3 questions.  A lot of friends had this class with this professor this past fall.  They had me scared to death.  Rumors circulated that this was the hardest testing teacher at MC Law and that most people actually failed the final.  I don't know if it was because of that and that I just studied my bootie off or if it was because of the fact that her fall 2010 class only filled half way and people were requesting more spots to be opened in the other BA teacher's class instead of taking hers, but I thought the final was not bad.  I probably missed some major issue on the essay or something because it seemed too easy.

Final 3 was yesterday morning.  Yes, on a Saturday.  It was really given on Friday morning, but because I had BA Thursday afternoon, I requested to take the alternate date, which they allow you to do in certain classes.  Luckily for me, that was approved so I got a full day in between finals to study.  Bankruptcy Law.  3 hours.  9 parts, each part having anywhere from 1 to like 12 short answer questions.  This was also open book, open note, meaning I had my casebook and another 100 page outline (this time without the table of contents).  It was in between Insurance and BA.  I think with short answer, you can kind of bs a bit and you are able to write TONS of information if you want.  That is what I did - just throw up everything that I knew about a topic that was being questioned onto my test.

If you notice, I titled this post "Sweet Irony."  I did so because after my final yesterday morning, I felt almost like I was finished with finals.  I have one more exam, but it is not until Thursday afternoon.  This means that I left school yesterday at noon and didn't have to be back for FIVE days.  FIVE days to study for ONE final.  I had it planned:  taking the weekend off, celebrating, relaxing, and having a good time.  Then on Monday, back to the books.  Well, I come home and what do you know!  One roomie is in his room studying and the other is at school in the library.  They both have 2 or 3 finals this week - starting Monday.  Fine.  They don't want to play with me.  I start texting.  NO ONE wants to hang out.  EVERYONE has to study.  So, I'm 'done' for a couple of days and no one else is.  Of course, the roommates both were able to go to Thirsty Thursday at the Mississippi Braves on Thursday night when I had to study.  Of course, another friend was able to go out on Friday night when I had to study.  Now I'm ready to hang out and I'd be doing so all by my lonesome.  Also, of course, the boys and all my other friends (except good ole' Jamie who'll be right there with me on Thursday afternoon) are finished with exams by like Tuesday which is exactly when I have to really be hitting the books hard.  Ironic, eh?

Oh well, all that stands between me and a couple of weeks of freedom AND 3L status is Estate and Gift Taxation.  COME ON THURSDAY!!!