Erin and Jared found out yesterday that little Sunshine Sellers is a GIRL!  I can't say that I'm surprised.  Erin asked me right before they went back for the ultrasound what I thought it was going to be.  I probably would have bet money that it was a girl.  I think it is perfect because those of you that know Erin know how girly she is.  It fits her that her first child would be a girl.  Jared, on the other hand, is not going to have a clue.  I LOVE it.  They found out and told the rest of us around 11 yesterday morning but didn't put it on facebook until yesterday evening.  I was in class last night and went to their facebook walls to see what they'd said.  Jared's status simply said "Girl".  One of his friends commented, "Where?  Was she hot?"  I actually busted out laughing when I saw that - in class.  I can just see Jared having to deal with that for HIS daughter for the rest of his life.  Oh dear, it just makes me laugh.

Well, anyways, I just wanted to share the news that I will be an Aunt to a precious, beautiful, incredibly spoiled little niece come the end of January / beginning of February.  I am beyond excited and can't wait to start shopping for sweet little girl things!!!


Who's Interested?!?!

I'm so excited about this year's Voodoo Fest in NOLA over Halloween.  Last year, a couple of my classmates made the journey down for this music festival, but I didn't get to go.  This year, we are already talking about it and we've already decided we're going.  So, who wants to go with me?

Check out the link, decide if you're interested, and let me know.  We could have so much fun staying in New Orleans and enjoying some good music!  I'm pumped!!!

Tuesday's Tune


Ugh . . .

But hey, it is my last year.  I can handle it!!!  :)  May 13, 2011, cannot get here quick enough!


Tuesday's Tune

So, I was pretty sick for the past week and a half.  I re-entered the world of the living yesterday and I have been so ridiculously busy trying to catch up and with tons of new stuff going on, too. 
1)  I started a new job at a law firm in Ridgeland, MS, this morning.  They have already piled me up with research projects and memos to write and pleadings to draft.  However, the two attorneys that work there are both young and seem very fun.  I'm excited about working with them during my last year of school.
2)  I still have my other summer job at another firm.  I'm supposed to only work 15 hours a week, but this week, I am working almost 30! 
3)  I also have my class two nights a week, which is thankfully wrapping up.  However, "wrapping up" means I have a final next Thursday. 
4)  I am taking the Ethics Bar (MPRE) on next Friday!  I have to make a certain score based on the Rules of Professional Responsibility to make sure I am ethical enough to practice law in Mississippi or Alabama (or wherever else I may choose to go).
5)  With all my work that I am actually paid for and my class, I have still been volunteering for Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project and working incredibly hard on making brochures on different topics for people with no legal knowledge to be able to understand.  This is very time-consuming and requires a lot of research, but I love doing it.  MVLP is a great organization and I'm excited they're here in town so that I have the opportunity to work with them.
6)  Finally, I am a STAR Director (read, Orientation Director/Planner).  1L Orientation is in two weeks so we have SO much to do to get ready for that.  I've been busy designing tshirts, finding a location to host a social, finding a dj/band to play at the social, meeting with 1Ls, etc.  It's a lot of fun and I enjoy it, but good grief.  Who knew it would consume so much of my summer.

So, anyways, I didn't mean to complain.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being busy.  I think I strive under pressure and looming deadlines.  At least I'm not having to take the Bar Exam this week like so many of my friends!!!  I was getting at that because I have so much to do, I took this afternoon and came up to the school's library.

(from law.mc.edu)
 It is usually not my favorite place to go when I have a lot to do, but I figured since it was the summer there would not be many people here.  I always study or work with my headphones and listening to Pandora.  I heard a song that I just thought was funny.  It made me laugh.  So, I'm going to share it with you all!

Kate Nash is pretty awesome.  She's British.  She's super young.  She's really talented.  I just like her songs.  They're silly and funny and catchy.  Check her out.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

P.S.  I had really wanted to insert the you tube video onto my page, but I don't know how to do that.  Can someone tell me?  I wanted it to show up instead of just having to link to it.  Thanks!


BiG nEwS!

Erin and Jared are having a baby!!!

She found out a few weeks back and told us immediately.  We had to keep it a secret, though, until she was further along.  She is now about a week from being finished with her first trimester.  They told Jared's extended family last weekend and then told our extended family this weekend.  I didn't get to go to Troy,  but E & J went down.  They had a family birthday lunch.  Erin's birthday was this week so they invited my grandmother and cousins to come and meet them to celebrate.  On the cake, though, instead of saying "Happy Birthday," it said "We're Pregnant."  It was a cute way to tell them.

Don't they just look so excited?!  The baby is due February 1, 2011, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers, please!

Anyways, my first niece or nephew will so be getting this present from me:
(haha, totally kidding)


Family 4th of July

My 4th of July weekend was full of last minute plan changes and quick trips here and there (of course).  Despite all of this and the annoyance it brings, the weekend was a lot of fun but not too crazy hectic, which I really liked and appreciated.

I worked late on Friday afternoon.  Usually I can get out of here by 4:30 at the very latest.  Of course the one weekend when I have somewhere to go, it is closer to 5:30.  I was quite tired and not packed and not in the mood to deal with traffic, so I decided I would just stay in Jackson Friday night.  So, I cooked dinner at home and then Macy and I just hung out and I read a book and went to bed.  Lazy night.  Loved it!

Saturday morning I got up and got ready and got packed.  After fighting with my devil dog for a while (seriously, I was ready to GIVE her away by the time I got her in the car), we hit the road.  Of course had to have SOME mishap during the drive since the morning had started off so well.  I stopped about 25 miles from the exit where I got on I-20 to go to the restroom and get gas.  Well, I am just singing away and not paying any attention to what I am doing.  Next thing I know, the speed limit is dropping.  I'm confused and don't know why, in this particular location, it is changing so.  About that time, I see an exit.  Smart, educated me had gotten back on the interstate going the wrong direction - so I was back to Jackson!  Ha.  So, yeah, I had to turn around.  Good thing I was not in a hurry.  I drove to Anniston and stayed at Erin and Jared's house.  They were gone to the lake with J's family, so I drove around their little community and hit up some stores like Target, Old Navy, and Ross (my favorites!).  Macy and I then just hung out at their house with Macy spending the evening finding Rosie's toys to chew on and me spending the evening taking the toys away from Macy.

Erin and Jared got home from the lake Sunday morning.  We all decked out in our Braves' gear and headed to Atlanta to meet the rest of the fam.  We met them at the gates to Turner Field for the Braves v. Marlins game.  It was so much fun!  Our seats were perfect!  We were right beside the right field foul pole, but we were under the pavillion on the very back row, so we were close to bathrooms and drinks AND out of the sun!  The sun did creep under the pavillion in the bottom of the 9th and it got a little toasty, but I am so not complaining.  I can handle it for half of an inning compared to nine!  We had a lot of fun.  Mom, Kris, J, and I all were all sporting Heyward jerseys, but he didn't play because of an injury to his hand.  :(  However, I did get to see BOTH of my favorites, Chipper Jones and Brian McCann play. 

After the game was over (the Braves lost), we went up to the upper deck and enjoyed a concert by this awesome 70s band.  They're called Yacht Rock Revue.  Oh my goodness.  They were ridiculously good.  They played only songs from the 70s and they even dressed and acted the part!  I really enjoyed them, but my dad LOVED them.  ha.  I guess since they were playing music from his high school glory days.  Anyways, check them out, ESPECIALLY those of you in ATL.  They said they play somewhere (but I forgot where) every Thursday night. 

After their concert, we got to see the All American Fireworks Extravaganza, or something equally cheesy.  The fireworks show was pretty good, but more than the fireworks, I was impressed with the music they played during the show.  It was fun music to make you want to poke your chest out and call yourself an American and maybe even wear one of those lame flag shirts.  Well, not really, but it was better than the stuff little cities play during their fireworks shows.

We drove back to Anniston to E & J's that night and all stayed there.  Monday morning we all got up and they showed us their town and we ate our Independence Day lunch at some Mexican restaurant - ironic, hmm?  After hanging out a bit more, we all drove our separate ways:  E & J back to their little house, Mom, Dad and Kris to Troy, and Macy and I to Jackson. 

It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed seeing the fam and what is most likely to be our new tradition for Independence Day.


Thankful Thursday

Disclaimer:  This post is beyond cheesy.  I've warned you so if you continue to read, you cannot make fun of me.

Today I decided to post a few pictures of things for which I am incredibly grateful.  I am not usually one to be in a sentimental mood, but for some reason I am today.  So, a few things/people my life would be incomplete without and what they are to me:

My sisters, Kristin and Erin
Always there for me; usually answer my phone calls; understand that I am ridiculously lame but love me anyways with only the slightest bit of humiliation; always forgive me when I am a total witch.

My parents and the love they have shared for going on 30 years
Huge inspirations; role models; encouragers; believe in me when I can't believe in myself; stand up for me when I don't have the courage or the will power to stand up for myself.  I'm thankful for their tolerance although I'm sure I have been quite difficult.

High School Girls
If we've stayed friends this long, I truly believe we'll stay friends for much longer.  Life lines; memory sharers; girls I go to with what I think is serious life drama; understand me because they have watched me grow up

My first dog, well pet, of my own; my company and my family in MS; the reason for much of my laughter

Law School Pals
Encouragers; the ones who will stay up with me all night to study since we've wasted the entire semester; the ones who will always go out with me after a rough day, test, or lots of work; friends for the rest of my life because we have gone through an experience that is impossible for others to understand.

CrunchTime Legal Books
My last minute go-to that never fails me after I wait all semester to study.  I could not make it through law school without these books.

Old Navy
Forget quality when all of your summer clothes just about are stolen from you and you are left with nothing but the clothes you've had for years and years and then ratty t-shirts.  ON allowed me to re-stock almost my entire wardrobe for very little and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Travelling and New Experiences
I like to think I'm the well rounded person I am because of all of the amazing experiences I have had the opportunity to have and all the places I have gotten to go.  I've been to places like Europe, Vegas, NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, the lake, IKEA, Mexico, and the list just continues.

Laughter and those with whom I laugh
A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. - Hugh Sidey
A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplan

Remington T-Studio Hair Straightener
Better than my Chi; never failed me, even on the most humid, rainiest days in South Alabama and Central Mississippi; quick and not time consuming; amazing.

For these things, and for plenty more, I am incredibly thankful.  I have been blessed beyond measure and am continuously and daily blessed.  Today, I wanted to count some of those blessings.  Thank you for sticking with it and reading through this corniness.  :)


I'm Alive!

So, I know it has been quite a while, but I'm so popular, I forget about this and don't have time to do it when I do remember!  Right.  I'm not that popular, but I do forget.  I can only describe my life this past month as hectic and a big whirlwind.  So much has happened and there have been so many changes that it doesn't seem like only a month has passed!

Most of you know this, so skip down a bit.  I'm just re-capping for some of you who I have not talked with or who I really only communicate with through my blog.

Finals finished on a Thursday.  I stayed in town that weekend to relax and get some things done here.  On Monday, May 17, I loaded my car to head to Troy for a couple of weeks before my summer class started.  After loading my car, I went to run a few errands.  I then came home to pick up Macy and hit the road.  While I was trying to get Macy in the car, a SUV pulled up beside me.  The guy driving asked me for directions, which I gave.  He then pulled a gun on me.  After bickering with him for a minute, I finally gave him my keys to both my house and my car.  He said some incredibly vulgar things and then sped off when a car turned down our street behind him.  I went to the neighbor's house and called 911.  An officer came and we stood in between my car and my house filing the report and me giving all the information I could.  One of my roommates is gone for the summer but the other one is in town.  I could not get him to answer his phone or respond to text messages.  The officer was just going to leave me at my house, which was locked so I couldn't get in it.  All I wanted was for my roommate to come home, let me in the house so I could get my spare key and then hit the road and get out of Jackson.  Since I couldn't get Justin and I was about to be left all alone where not 30 minutes before I had a gun pulled on me, I called my friend Paige who lives nearby.  She came and picked me up and we went back to her house.  I finally got Justin and he came and picked me up and we went back to our house.  As we turned the corner, we saw that my car was gone.  The guy came back and stole my car - including everything that I had loaded into it for my trip home - in a window of about 25 minutes.  I was shocked, devastated, and terrified.  My parents came to Jackson, we did police stuff, etc., and then they took me to Troy for two weeks.

I started class on June 1, so I had to come back to Jackson.  My mother came back with me because we had a lot of police stuff to do and she didn't want me to be by myself.  I really really wanted to stay in our cute little house in Belhaven.  I was determined to suck it up and let things get back to normal.  However, after spending the entire car ride filled with dread, I knew as soon as I got to the house and a SUV started down the road toward us as we were getting out of the car and I about had a panic attack (seriously - no exaggeration), that I would not be able to stay in the house.  I could not even take Macy out to potty by myself.  Everytime I walked to the front of the house, and definitely outside, it took everything I had to not throw up or break down.  I couldn't live like that.  So, mother and I began our house search.  That in itself is quite a story, but I will not bore you.  In the end, Friday, the day we were leaving to go back to Troy, we finally found a house that was a definite possibility.

I spent the weekend in Troy car searching.  I don't even want to think about what a nightmare that was for me, much less type it out so it can become one for you to read.  I decided at the very last minute what car I was going to get.  I ended up with a 2010 white Ford Fusion SEL.  It is incredibly nice - fully loaded - and I got an amazing deal on it, so I couldn't turn it down.  I got all the papers and financial stuff taken care of just in time to return to Jackson on my own.

Oh what a week that was.  I didn't leave my bedroom (which was at the back of the house) while I was there.  I couldn't stay there by myself.  I left Macy in Troy so I didn't have to take her outside.  Justin and I, with Kip's consent from overseas, eventually decided that we were going to move into the house mother and I looked at the previous week.  Luckily, that paperwork was done very quickly and we were able to move that very weekend.  Mother came back and two of my law school friends volunteered to help us move.  We rented a U-Haul and got EVERYTHING out on Saturday. 

Justin and I are now in the new house and are getting things organized and unpacked.  It's in a great little subdivision that reminds me a lot of the subdivision in the movie Now and Then because there are so many kids riding their bikes and throwing their baseballs and shooting their basketballs.  It's in a fantastic area - tons of shopping, restaurants, and friends all right here with us.  It's cheaper than our other house!  It's newer and much nicer.  It is a bit far from school and traffic is pretty bad on the drive to downtown.  However, the positives far outweigh the negatives so I think it was a great decision.  When we get things more put together, I'll try to post pictures!

It was also a great decision for me personally.  I feel so much safer and I don't worry when I'm here by myself and hear a noise.  I can sleep through the night without waking up with just usual house noises.  I can walk to my car and have a vehicle drive by without freaking out.  Definitely a good thing!!!

I will, however, ask that you please continue to pray for me as I try to get over this fear, paranoia, and all these crazy other emotions, etc., that came from my experience.  Love you all!


T3T - Games

This week's Top 3 is my favorite games.  It can be any type of game, so I tried to pick my favorite from a couple of different categories and then I put those in order of my top 3.

3.  Capture the Flag
Oh the memories from this game!  We used to play when we were kids, but I also played in college.  This game is so much fun because you can play over an entire neighborhood, a complete college campus, or all over Wal Mart.  The basic rules are here in case you need to catch up on your knowledge of Capture the Flag!  By the way, apparently you can play online.

2.  Spades

I love Spades!  It is by far my most favorite card game!  I could play all night and have before.  There are several different variations of rules, but here are the "official" rules.  I have so many fun memories of playing this game.  The most important part of Spades is having a great partner!

1.  Rock Band
I LOVE ROCK BAND!!!!  My roommates and I bought this game after we finished our big briefs during the fall.  We unlocked every single song on the game and we are the only people I know who have done that.  We even have our 'official' band at our house.  Kip is the drummer, Justin is the singer, Patrick is the guitarist and I am the bassist.  We're so hardcore, we even have our seats/areas in the living room.  Last semester we played ALL the time.  We kind of got tired of it, but I could play whenever and wherever.  I am not a great singer, so I don't like to sing.  I SUCK at the drums.  I prefer bass, but I can play guitar.  I can play bass on hard (not expert, I'm not that good) and sometimes guitar on hard, but I usually play it on medium.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the 'official' band (I forgot our name! man!), but this is me on bass, Jamie on drums, and David on guitar at a party at our house one night.

I love games!  Sometimes I'd rather have a game night than go out.  Games are fun because you definitely get to interact with one another and just be silly!


Top 3 Thursday - Books

I feel like I have missed a couple of these, but when Lacey sent this week's Top 3, I knew I HAD to do it!  This week it is my top 3 books.  Guys, if you know anything about me whatsoever, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read.  I could do nothing but read all day every day and be fine and happy.  I'm not kidding.  I read anything and everything from autobiographies to fiction and from food labels to novels.  I thought I would love to do this week's Top 3, but instead, it was incredibly hard.  I can't say these are my Top 3 books, they're just the first 3 that came to mind that I really enjoy!
3.  All of Jane Austen's Novels

I love classics.  Jane Austen is one of the most amazing authors.  Her stories are absolutely beautifully written and so full of every emotion.  I just love them.  I think my favorites are Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park. 

2.  My Hands Came Away Red
I love to go to bookstores and bargain shop.  Barnes & Noble usually has some pretty good deals.  But, Lifeway Christian Store has amazing book deals!  I picked this book up early last summer for like $3 at Lifeway and it was seriously one of the best books I have ever read.  It's about a girl who joins a group of other teenagers and they go to do mission work in like Indonesia.  The story is all about their journey.  AMAZING.  Please read this book!  It's Christian fiction and a book I could honestly not put down and when it was over, I wanted to keep reading more!

1.  Sarah Dessen books
A couple of my old small group girls from Troy suggested I read some of Sarah Dessen's books.  They're the ones who introduced me to the Twilight series when there was only 2 books in the series, so I trust their book judgment!  I ordered a couple of Sarah's books off of Amazon for cheap and I LOVE them.  Sure, they are written for teenagers, but her stories are so great and so real, I just love reading them!  Again, I love everything I have read by her, so it's hard to pick a favorite.  I really like "Along for the Ride."  If I had to pick one, I'd have to say it is my favorite.

Like I said though, I LOVE to read EVERYTHING.  If you're ever interested in reading something new, I'm your 'go-to' girl for suggestions!  And, if you ever read anything that you think is particularly good, PLEASE share!


Sweet Irony

I am now 3/4 of the way finished with 2/3 of my law school career.  :)  I am a little bit excited. 

Finals started this past Tuesday.  Of course I had a final the very first day.  Insurance Law.  It was tough.  3 hours.  90 multiple choice.  Open book, open notes - meaning I had an amazing 130 page outline complete with a table of contents AND my case book.  Sure, sounds great, right?  Yeah, it sucked.  Insurance was an interesting class (if you have any questions about your policies or legal rights concerning your policies, I'm your free go-to woman) but it covered so much material and our professor was sure to test us on ALL of it.  Oh well, one down.

My next final was on Thursday.  Business Associations.  3 hours.  45 multiple choice.  1 essay with 3 questions.  A lot of friends had this class with this professor this past fall.  They had me scared to death.  Rumors circulated that this was the hardest testing teacher at MC Law and that most people actually failed the final.  I don't know if it was because of that and that I just studied my bootie off or if it was because of the fact that her fall 2010 class only filled half way and people were requesting more spots to be opened in the other BA teacher's class instead of taking hers, but I thought the final was not bad.  I probably missed some major issue on the essay or something because it seemed too easy.

Final 3 was yesterday morning.  Yes, on a Saturday.  It was really given on Friday morning, but because I had BA Thursday afternoon, I requested to take the alternate date, which they allow you to do in certain classes.  Luckily for me, that was approved so I got a full day in between finals to study.  Bankruptcy Law.  3 hours.  9 parts, each part having anywhere from 1 to like 12 short answer questions.  This was also open book, open note, meaning I had my casebook and another 100 page outline (this time without the table of contents).  It was in between Insurance and BA.  I think with short answer, you can kind of bs a bit and you are able to write TONS of information if you want.  That is what I did - just throw up everything that I knew about a topic that was being questioned onto my test.

If you notice, I titled this post "Sweet Irony."  I did so because after my final yesterday morning, I felt almost like I was finished with finals.  I have one more exam, but it is not until Thursday afternoon.  This means that I left school yesterday at noon and didn't have to be back for FIVE days.  FIVE days to study for ONE final.  I had it planned:  taking the weekend off, celebrating, relaxing, and having a good time.  Then on Monday, back to the books.  Well, I come home and what do you know!  One roomie is in his room studying and the other is at school in the library.  They both have 2 or 3 finals this week - starting Monday.  Fine.  They don't want to play with me.  I start texting.  NO ONE wants to hang out.  EVERYONE has to study.  So, I'm 'done' for a couple of days and no one else is.  Of course, the roommates both were able to go to Thirsty Thursday at the Mississippi Braves on Thursday night when I had to study.  Of course, another friend was able to go out on Friday night when I had to study.  Now I'm ready to hang out and I'd be doing so all by my lonesome.  Also, of course, the boys and all my other friends (except good ole' Jamie who'll be right there with me on Thursday afternoon) are finished with exams by like Tuesday which is exactly when I have to really be hitting the books hard.  Ironic, eh?

Oh well, all that stands between me and a couple of weeks of freedom AND 3L status is Estate and Gift Taxation.  COME ON THURSDAY!!!



Finals time SUCKS.  It is the WORST time of the year for me.  I have my Insurance final on Tuesday afternoon, Business Associations on Thursday afternoon, Bankruptcy on Saturday morning, and then Estate and Gift Tax on the following Thursday.  May 13 PLEASE GET HERE.

That's all I have to say.


Wednesday's Wise Words

This week I have had one thought on my mind quite a bit.  When I lived in Troy, I led a group of girls at my church.  When I first started working with them, they were in the 7th grade.  I left them when they were starting their junior year.  Needless to say, working so closely with such an amazing group of girls for so long, we are all extremely close despite our age difference.  The girls are now seniors in high school, getting ready for their big prom this weekend and then graduation in just about three weeks.  They are precious girls and I love them all like they are my sisters.

One of the girls lost her father this past Thursday night.  He went in the hospital two weeks ago for hernia surgery and just had complication after complication after that and got progressively worse.  When he passed away on Thursday night, Em immediately texted me (we'd been in contact through all of this).  I had been telling her that if she needed or wanted me to come home, all she had to do was ask and I'd be there as quickly as I could drive.  Well, after she texted me to tell me her father had died, she asked if I'd come home.  I couldn't say no.  I left Thursday night from Jackson around 11:30 and made it to Troy around 4 a.m. Friday.  I spent a lot of my weekend with Em and her sister and their mom.

I say all of this to say a couple of things that qualify for Wednesday's Wise Words.

1.  Honor your father and mother.  This is one of the hardest of God's Commandments for me to follow.  I so often feel like I know more than my parents or know what is better for me than they do.  It is hard to respect them a lot of times because of this attitude.  However, I have to remember that the Lord instructs us as children to obey our parents and to follow their teachings.  I am blessed to have been raised in a Christian home where my parents taught me right from wrong, good from evil, and to love the Lord with all of my heart.  My parents' teachings came from the Bible and for this I am incredibly fortunate and even more grateful.  I just have to remember to honor them and to live in a way that glorifies God so that others can see that I was raised by amazing parents who passed this trait on to me.  My new goal is to live so that I can satisfy God's command in Proverbs 23:25:  "May your father and mother be glad, may she who gave you birth rejoice!"

2.  Share your love.  I am not a 'touchy-feely' person.  I am not one to express my feelings.  For some reason, I have always been one to keep those kinds of things on the inside.  Sure, I love my family and friends in a way that I could not express with words, but it is often very hard for me to say this.  However, after seeing (again) how quickly things can change and how, in a blink of an eye, someone can be taken from this world and from my life, I am reminded that I need to get over that.  It is so important to share our feelings with those we love and care for.  As we've always been told, we are not promised tomorrow.  We are not ourselves promised another day on this earth, but neither are those we care for.  We need to take every opportunity we have and make the most of it by saying "I love you" and showing those we care for just how much we love them.

That's all that I have for today, except to tell all of you that if you are reading my blog, you are someone special to me.  No matter whether we are as close today as we were at some point in the past or whether we talk regularly or not, you are my friend.  I love you and I am grateful God has placed you in my life, for whatever season.  Thank you for being there for me.


Miss Macy

Miss Macy thinks she is a person.  She cracks me up.  She talks to me and the roomies.  Seriously.  She makes THE funniest noises and it really is like she is trying to communicate with us.  She is hilarious.  She has the cutest little ears.  They are to Macy what facial expressions are to us.  I can tell what she is thinking, what she wants, and what she has done by the 'expression' of her ears.

Macy loves to chew on rawhide bones and chew strips.  She can't have real toys because they last all of 3 minutes before she has pulled an ear off or a tag or a tail and gotten to the stuffing.  Macy loves to have her belly scratched.  If you start to pet her, she immediately either rolls onto her back or picks up her arm so you can get to her belly.  Macy loves her treats.  She will do all of her tricks: sit, shake, up (her meerkat move), or crate up.  She loves my roomies.  Kip plays with her - he treats her like a rag doll and pushes and tosses and beats her up.  Justin spoils her with belly rubs and biscuits.  Macy loves to boss other dogs around and to chase cats outside.

Here are some recent pictures of the spoiled rotten monster who thinks she not only runs 927 Manship, but is a human.


Top 3 Thursday - Pet Peeves

3.  Cruising in the Fast Lane

I get so annoyed, especially on the interstate, when a driver sets his cruise on 70mph but then rides in the left lane, which is the FAST lane.  If you're going to cruise at all, get in the RIGHT lane.  The left lane is technically for passing, not even just riding along at a high rate of speed.  I travel back and forth and spend way too much time on interstates to have to deal with this.
2.  Smacking Gum

It's gross.  I am not a fan of gum.  I very rarely chew it myself and only when I am in desperate need of some breath freshening and have no other options.  If you're chewing gum, I don't want to hear it and I don't want to see it.  It's gross.

1.  Text Talk

We speak English.  We should write, type, read, speak - just all in all communicate - using correct grammar.  This text talk annoys me TERRIBLY.  It is NOT 'u', 'ur', 'gr8', 'ic', 'thx', 'b', 'b4', etc.  If you send me a text message using this mess, it makes me not want to read it or reply.  Of course, I do, but it does make me cringe on the inside.


As Promised . . .

MORE pictures from New Orleans and the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference!  I wish I knew how to make cute little collages so my post wouldn't be 10 pages long, but sorry, I don't!  So enjoy it like it is!  :)

Jamie and I on the Amtrak train from Jackson to New Orleans.  It was so much fun!

A group of Republican women from Jackson, along with Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant rode the train with us.  They had this life-size, cardboard cutout of Sarah Palin that they carried around all weekend.  Of course we had to take a picture since Jamie had texted all our friends and told them we were riding the train with Sarah Palin!

We stayed at the Ambassador Hotel on Tchoupitoulas Street.  It was THE perfect hotel.  I was really worried because the pictures on the website made the place look so quaint and homey and I was afraid our room was going to be terrible.  But, it looked just like the website pictures!

We were waiting on Sean Hannity to start his show.  These guys are all second year law students with me:  Blake, Ron, me, and Jamie

On our way back into the Hilton for the show, we ran into this man pushing this bulldog in a stroller!  I had to have a picture with her!  Ron jumped in.

This is Rick Santorum, former Senator of Pennsylvania.  He currently practices law in Pittsburgh and DC and is very involved in the Republican Party and also contributes on Fox News some.

This is my favorite man alive.  Well, not really, but I love him.  Hello Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi.  AMAZING man and SO knowledgeable.  Look him up.  You, too, will be impressed.

This man will be a surprise candidate in 2012, or at least a lot of people will pull for him.  This is the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry.  Great guy.

Friday night we went out to Cats Meow on Bourbon.  This is me and my friend, Meg.  She's a 2L also.  Oh, and that's Ron looking mighty creepy in the background.

This lady hung out with us all night long!  I'm really good at making friends with strangers in bars apparently.  She is married and has kids and was there with her sister and brother-in-law, but she liked us better.

So, Jamie and Ron left me to go the restroom or bar or somewhere.  Jamie says he was gone five minutes and he came back and I was on the stage with strangers singing Cher.  haha.  Love it.

After the convention ended Saturday afternoon, me and some of the 1L boys grabbed Tyler and his wife and went walking down to Jackson Square and all around.  Eventually we stopped for burgers and drinks at Margaritaville.  Starting with me and going clockwise: Me, Tyler's wife, Mary Ruth, Tyler (2L), Nathan, Frank, and Kenton (all 1Ls).

I am a bit embarrassed to put this picture on here, but as Jamie says, it really sums up the whole weekend.  Ridiculous, out, laughing, and being crazy.  SRLC 2010 right here.