Wednesday's Wise Words . . . via song

I L.O.V.E. this song and this group, Noah and the Whale.  AWESOME.  Enjoy (and buy their latest album, Last Night on Earth)!!!

Tuesday's Movie Date

First, let me say that today was my last day of work!  Woohoo!  I've enjoyed my semester working at the State Treasurer's, but I'm glad to be finished now.  I'm at the 'no motivation' point and would much rather spend my last few days at the pool than working, so I'm glad now I can! 

Okay, now on to movie night!

Martin (my English friend) and I went on a movie date tonight to see "The Lincoln Lawyer." 

I've wanted to see it for a while now and so we finally went.  I was quite pleased.  Since I've been in law school, it's ridiculously hard to watch law related movies and not spend the entire time critiquing them or saying how things would not really happen like that, etc.  I did do that some in this movie, but the story line was really good, it was entertaining, and suspenseful, so I was able to overlook some of the 'that's wrong' moments.  Also, I LOVE Matthew McConaughey so of course I loved his movie.

However, I have to say, I really really liked Josh Lucas's character in this movie.  Yes, it was more of a minor role, but I think I related more to him and his big blue eyes don't hurt either . . .

I'm glad I finally got to see this movie.  As Martin and I were discussing afterwards, it makes us excited for what we are going to be doing in a few months - three or so for me and 18 for him.  Sure, I don't necessarily want to be this type of lawyer, but it makes me excited to work for these ideals of a true and just legal system seeking innocence over evil and I know that regardless of which area of law I practice, that will still be my baseline of my profession.  I'm excited! 

I definitely recommend The Lincoln Lawyer!

Weekend #3

This was such a fun weekend!  I decided to stay in Jackson instead of going home to Bama.  It has been a few years since I have been away from home on Easter, but I'm glad I stayed in town.

Friday I spent my day running errands and getting ready for our Easter 'linner' (more about that a bit later).  Friday night, I went to dinner with my friend Katie at Mellow Mushroom.  Then I drove over to Rob's house for the last poker game.  :(  Our 1L year, some of the boys I'm friends with started a Friday night Poker night.  This tradition has carried over every year.  We always played at Rob's house and he and Maria kept us well fed with tasty Italian snacks and Maria made so many crazy, different types of drinks.  These boys taught me to play poker and believe me, I played like a man!  haha.  I was ususally the only girl and so these boys gave me a hard time and played dirty with me; however, I think that because of them, I could play with the best of the best now!  Even though I haven't played in a few months, since it was the last night, I felt I had to stop by for old time's sake.  I snapped a couple of pictures of the boys.

The end of the table that did not have the money:
Some of the Poker Boys:  Rob, Gio, Ben, Kip, Patrick, and Jamie

After I left Rob's house, I went downtown.  I met Stephen and Katie at Fenian's - our favorite spot - where we hung out for quite a while.  Some other friends met us there, too.  Later, we walked down to a house where some 1Ls live.  One of the guys there was having a birthday party, so we joined in on his celebration.  It was such a fun night!  I enjoyed it because I was getting to hang out with other people than I usually do.

Katie, Stephen, and I - B2tW 2011
Me and COD 
Saturday was POOL day!  Steve's apartment has a great little pool so we all went there and hung out pretty much all day.  It was so relaxing and we all got some sun.  It was a great pool day, too, because it wasn't just ridiculously hot and there was a little breeze.  Also, because so many people went out of town for the weekend, it was great because it was kind of empty.  Great day!

Saturday night was GIRLS' Night.  Tracey, Katie and I ate dinner at Mugshots.  We had so much fun catching up and just talking.  Dinner was delicious, too.  After dinner, I went shopping for last minute Easter 'linner' supplies and then came home.  Kip's buddy, Joseph, was over so the three of us hung out and chatted.  Joseph is an attorney already - he graduated from Ole Miss Law in 2007.  He's always sharing stories and giving advice.  The boys watched as I made Ernie's 4 Layer Delight.  Now that was interesting in itself!  ha

Sunday was Easter.  Easter is a special day.  It is the day we celebrate the resurrection.  Jesus hung on the cross for my sins and was laid to rest in the tomb.  Three days later, he rose from the dead to return to Heaven so that we could be alive again.  As 1 Corinthians says, "For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive." (1 Corinthians 15:21-22).  Jesus rose and defeated death for us.  How cool is that? 
Though I missed Easter Sunrise at my home church in Brundidge - Shady Grove Baptist - I got up early and went to a church I attend pretty often here, Pinelake Baptist.  The service was wonderful and such a great way to start the day - a great reminder of that rock that was rolled away from the tomb's entrance.  Pretty cool.  Anyways, after church, I came back home and started cooking.  Since some of my friends stayed in town and since it's so close to the end of the semester, we had Easter 'Linner'.  For those of you who don't know, linner is like brunch, but a combination of lunch and dinner.  It was potluck, so everyone was supposed to bring side dishes and desserts.  I made a ham (delicious by the way - I was quite pleased with myself! ha) and mac & cheese, cornbread, and rolls.  Then I also had E's 4 Layer Delight I made the night before.  Everyone came over around 2 and we ate a tasty and random spread of food.

Alex and Stephen after linner 
Tracey and Katie  
Martin, Jamie, Jess, Maria, Rob, and Kip after linner 

After we ate, I insisted everyone dye Easter Eggs!  I haven't done this in years and I was SOOOO excited about it.  Tracey and I read the directions on the dye kit and prepared everything very meticulously.

The dyes

Everyone had so much fun dying Easter eggs - even the boys who pretended they hated it.

Rob was first and look at his egg!  It matches his shirt perfectly!
Maria and Jamie were next! 
Katie and Stephen were funny about it.  Katie knew exactly what she was doing and Stephen - yeah, he ended up just throwing his egg in the cup because he got frustrated. 
Yay for Easter Egg dying! 
Here are all of our eggs!  I think we did pretty good! 
Macy even had her own egg!  It had a picture of her on one side (see above) and her name on the other!  She would have rather just eaten it, but she did pose for a picture! 

It was such a great weekend!  We had a lot of fun even though there were very few people in town.


Weekend #4

I'm counting down the weekends I have left in Jackson.  After this fantastic weekend, I only have three left so hence the title of this post.

Friday I worked my last Acceptance Day at the law school.  In my work with the Admissions Office, I'm always asked to work at the functions with potential and/or new students.  On Friday, we had about 50 kids who have been accepted to MCLaw come in for a day full of activities.  We took them down to the University Club (mid-tornado weather, by the way) for lunch where I took part in my last student panel.  Then back to the law school for mock classes, housing and financial aid sessions, and tours.  It is crazy to be welcoming these new kids who are about to begin their adventures as law students while I am getting ready to end mine.  But, I love my school and the people there so I want them to love it, too.

After Acceptance Day, I had to drive straight to north Ridgeland to Ridgeland High School.  I spent Friday evening (well, really, because of the weather, I didn't get out of there until right at midnight) judging at the MS State High School Speech and Debate Competition.  I had to be back there Saturday morning at 7am, too.  I spent all day Saturday judging, too, and finally got out of there around 7:30.  It was really interesting, though.  I didn't do speech and debate when I was in high school, so my knowledge of it was very limited, but they threw me right in and I was judging these kids all by myself (except for the finals rounds).  They competed in three different types of debate and then about 10 types of speech.  Some of it was very entertaining while some of it was very serious and almost boring.  There were about three other law students who judged, too.  When we weren't judging rounds, we got to hang out in the Judges' Lounge where they had SOOO much food.  It was ridiculous.  I mention it only because of how much there was.  There were three or four workers in charge of the food and they continuously brought things out - from a chocolate fondue fountain to chicken lasagna to biscuits to fruit to chips and dips to homemade cookies to chili.  I mean, it was ridiculous.  So, if we weren't judging, we felt like we needed to be hanging out snacking.  ha.  The competition was a lot of fun, though!!!

Saturday night I met some friends of mine at our favorite local bar, Fenians.  We just sat there and chatted and caught up all night.  My two English friends got to come (after they went to Jackson's own roller derby!!), too.  Even though I was incredibly tired from having to get up so early for the competition, I enjoyed hanging out with everyone for a chill and relaxing night at Fenians. 

Today, I went to church at Pinelake.  It was a great service and super crowded.  I went by myself because my friend, Paige, was out of town.  Then I had to go straight to the law school to help some friends with their trial practice class.  At the end of each trial practice class, the students have a mock trial.  I'm going to be a witness for two friends at their trial on Tuesday so we had to practice today. 

After I left the law school, I went to my friend, Rob's.  I haven't been to Rob's in ages, but we went today for a Pims day.  Karlia and Martin, my English friends, bought us Pims - a favorite English summertime drink - and mixed it with English style lemonade.  We sat out by the pool at Rob's complex and just drank our Pims lemonade and hung out.  We played bean bag toss - which is cornhole, just the fancy version.  Chris bought burgers and stuff so we grilled out, too.  Then when it finally got too cool to stay out there, we went in and played the new Rock Band for a bit.  It was such a fun afternoon and I can't wait until our next pool day - when it is actually warm enough to get in the pool! 

It was a busy weekend and I was at home VERY little, but since I have so little time left, I'm all about going and doing!  This week will be busy and fun, too.  I only have THREE more classes, two papers, and a final and I'm done with law school.  CRAZY!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too, and that the upcoming week is even better!


MC Law Kids are Cultured and Well Rounded

This weekend proves this.  As the weeks and days quickly, quickly pass by, I'm reminded of how many great friends I have here in Jackson and how I have the opportunity to do so many different kinds of things with different people.

Friday evening, I went with one of my favorite 1L guys, Heath, to the movies.  He asked me earlier in the week if we could have a movie date, so we made it happen on Friday.  We'd thought about seeing Lincoln Lawyer, but decided at the last minute that was too 'lawyer-y' and we wanted to see something different.  SO, we watched Insidious.  Ahh.  I'm not much of a scary movie (like that type of deal) person.  It was a little dumb, but it did make me jump a lot.  After the movie, I met two girls, Tracey and Julie, for a great dinner at Styx.  I haven't been there in ages and I love hibachi, so it was delicious.  I ended the evening back at my house.  About six or seven of my friends came over and we just sat around and played Phase 10.  None of those kids had ever heard of the game.  What?!  ha.  I taught them.  The evening turned out to be relaxing and fun and I got to see a lot of my friends even though they don't hang out together.

Saturday was just a relaxing, lazy day at home.  Macy and I slept in and then just spent the rest of the day hanging out and enjoying the pretty weather.  Saturday night, I met Katie, Jamie, Gleason and Megan, and Chris for dinner at Bravo.  Bravo is a DELICIOUS Italian restaurant here in town.  After dinner, all of us (sans Jamie) headed back downtown to see The Barber of Seville performed by the Mississippi Opera.  I absolutely love things like that.  I don't mind having to read the subtitles.  I love the orchestra.  I love the ridiculous outfits people wear because some thing it's like prom night at the opera.  It's just fun to me.  The Barber of Seville is about a Count who is secretly in love with a woman in Seville (surprise?) and so he disguises himself as a poor man and is helped by the town's barber, Figaro (think the song Figaro, Figaro, Figaro that everyone knows regardless of whether or not they know anything about operas), to make sure that Rosina loves him for him and not for his wealth.  It is a comedy and was actually really funny.  After the opera, we all decided we needed to continue our 'night of culture' and headed to the classiest bar in town, Fenians (definitely NOT the classiest place in town by definitely my favorite local bar), for some chardonnay.  It was a great time and we enjoyed getting to do something different than our usual outings.

No one thought to take any pictures at the opera, so we got a couple at Fenians after.
(Chris, Brad, me, Katie, and Clark with Gleason in the front)

This picture just makes me laugh.  The boys are silly.

Today was MC Law's annual softball tournament.  The weather was PERFECT for a day at the softball field.  We had about ten teams play and were at the field from about noon until 7:30.  They also had TONS of crawfish (gross) brought out there for everyone.  I came home after a bit and got Macy.  She had the BEST time playing with the other dogs and getting to visit with some of her favorite people.  She even made a boyfriend, a precious boxer/pit bull/something like that, Bear.

Megan, Katie, me, and Grillo with Macy and Bear hanging out watching some of the games.

Macy and Bear sharing some love (and slobber).

Macy loves her some Stevie B.!

It was a great weekend!  :)


Mississippi Braves

Last night was the home opener of the minor league team here in town, the Mississippi Braves.  So, a LOT of law students headed out to Pearl to Trustmark Park for the game.  The Braves played the Jackson Generals (out of Jackson, TN) and won 9 to 6.

Katie, me, and Jamie at the game

The weather was amazing, the crowd was great and excited, and so many of my good friends were there.  They had games and races in between innings, we ate real ballpark franks, and they had fireworks after the game.  It was just a great night.  Yay for fun nights in Jackson - because I don't have many left!