Tuesday's Tune

So, I was pretty sick for the past week and a half.  I re-entered the world of the living yesterday and I have been so ridiculously busy trying to catch up and with tons of new stuff going on, too. 
1)  I started a new job at a law firm in Ridgeland, MS, this morning.  They have already piled me up with research projects and memos to write and pleadings to draft.  However, the two attorneys that work there are both young and seem very fun.  I'm excited about working with them during my last year of school.
2)  I still have my other summer job at another firm.  I'm supposed to only work 15 hours a week, but this week, I am working almost 30! 
3)  I also have my class two nights a week, which is thankfully wrapping up.  However, "wrapping up" means I have a final next Thursday. 
4)  I am taking the Ethics Bar (MPRE) on next Friday!  I have to make a certain score based on the Rules of Professional Responsibility to make sure I am ethical enough to practice law in Mississippi or Alabama (or wherever else I may choose to go).
5)  With all my work that I am actually paid for and my class, I have still been volunteering for Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project and working incredibly hard on making brochures on different topics for people with no legal knowledge to be able to understand.  This is very time-consuming and requires a lot of research, but I love doing it.  MVLP is a great organization and I'm excited they're here in town so that I have the opportunity to work with them.
6)  Finally, I am a STAR Director (read, Orientation Director/Planner).  1L Orientation is in two weeks so we have SO much to do to get ready for that.  I've been busy designing tshirts, finding a location to host a social, finding a dj/band to play at the social, meeting with 1Ls, etc.  It's a lot of fun and I enjoy it, but good grief.  Who knew it would consume so much of my summer.

So, anyways, I didn't mean to complain.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being busy.  I think I strive under pressure and looming deadlines.  At least I'm not having to take the Bar Exam this week like so many of my friends!!!  I was getting at that because I have so much to do, I took this afternoon and came up to the school's library.

(from law.mc.edu)
 It is usually not my favorite place to go when I have a lot to do, but I figured since it was the summer there would not be many people here.  I always study or work with my headphones and listening to Pandora.  I heard a song that I just thought was funny.  It made me laugh.  So, I'm going to share it with you all!

Kate Nash is pretty awesome.  She's British.  She's super young.  She's really talented.  I just like her songs.  They're silly and funny and catchy.  Check her out.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

P.S.  I had really wanted to insert the you tube video onto my page, but I don't know how to do that.  Can someone tell me?  I wanted it to show up instead of just having to link to it.  Thanks!


BiG nEwS!

Erin and Jared are having a baby!!!

She found out a few weeks back and told us immediately.  We had to keep it a secret, though, until she was further along.  She is now about a week from being finished with her first trimester.  They told Jared's extended family last weekend and then told our extended family this weekend.  I didn't get to go to Troy,  but E & J went down.  They had a family birthday lunch.  Erin's birthday was this week so they invited my grandmother and cousins to come and meet them to celebrate.  On the cake, though, instead of saying "Happy Birthday," it said "We're Pregnant."  It was a cute way to tell them.

Don't they just look so excited?!  The baby is due February 1, 2011, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers, please!

Anyways, my first niece or nephew will so be getting this present from me:
(haha, totally kidding)


Family 4th of July

My 4th of July weekend was full of last minute plan changes and quick trips here and there (of course).  Despite all of this and the annoyance it brings, the weekend was a lot of fun but not too crazy hectic, which I really liked and appreciated.

I worked late on Friday afternoon.  Usually I can get out of here by 4:30 at the very latest.  Of course the one weekend when I have somewhere to go, it is closer to 5:30.  I was quite tired and not packed and not in the mood to deal with traffic, so I decided I would just stay in Jackson Friday night.  So, I cooked dinner at home and then Macy and I just hung out and I read a book and went to bed.  Lazy night.  Loved it!

Saturday morning I got up and got ready and got packed.  After fighting with my devil dog for a while (seriously, I was ready to GIVE her away by the time I got her in the car), we hit the road.  Of course had to have SOME mishap during the drive since the morning had started off so well.  I stopped about 25 miles from the exit where I got on I-20 to go to the restroom and get gas.  Well, I am just singing away and not paying any attention to what I am doing.  Next thing I know, the speed limit is dropping.  I'm confused and don't know why, in this particular location, it is changing so.  About that time, I see an exit.  Smart, educated me had gotten back on the interstate going the wrong direction - so I was back to Jackson!  Ha.  So, yeah, I had to turn around.  Good thing I was not in a hurry.  I drove to Anniston and stayed at Erin and Jared's house.  They were gone to the lake with J's family, so I drove around their little community and hit up some stores like Target, Old Navy, and Ross (my favorites!).  Macy and I then just hung out at their house with Macy spending the evening finding Rosie's toys to chew on and me spending the evening taking the toys away from Macy.

Erin and Jared got home from the lake Sunday morning.  We all decked out in our Braves' gear and headed to Atlanta to meet the rest of the fam.  We met them at the gates to Turner Field for the Braves v. Marlins game.  It was so much fun!  Our seats were perfect!  We were right beside the right field foul pole, but we were under the pavillion on the very back row, so we were close to bathrooms and drinks AND out of the sun!  The sun did creep under the pavillion in the bottom of the 9th and it got a little toasty, but I am so not complaining.  I can handle it for half of an inning compared to nine!  We had a lot of fun.  Mom, Kris, J, and I all were all sporting Heyward jerseys, but he didn't play because of an injury to his hand.  :(  However, I did get to see BOTH of my favorites, Chipper Jones and Brian McCann play. 

After the game was over (the Braves lost), we went up to the upper deck and enjoyed a concert by this awesome 70s band.  They're called Yacht Rock Revue.  Oh my goodness.  They were ridiculously good.  They played only songs from the 70s and they even dressed and acted the part!  I really enjoyed them, but my dad LOVED them.  ha.  I guess since they were playing music from his high school glory days.  Anyways, check them out, ESPECIALLY those of you in ATL.  They said they play somewhere (but I forgot where) every Thursday night. 

After their concert, we got to see the All American Fireworks Extravaganza, or something equally cheesy.  The fireworks show was pretty good, but more than the fireworks, I was impressed with the music they played during the show.  It was fun music to make you want to poke your chest out and call yourself an American and maybe even wear one of those lame flag shirts.  Well, not really, but it was better than the stuff little cities play during their fireworks shows.

We drove back to Anniston to E & J's that night and all stayed there.  Monday morning we all got up and they showed us their town and we ate our Independence Day lunch at some Mexican restaurant - ironic, hmm?  After hanging out a bit more, we all drove our separate ways:  E & J back to their little house, Mom, Dad and Kris to Troy, and Macy and I to Jackson. 

It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed seeing the fam and what is most likely to be our new tradition for Independence Day.