Weekend #1

So, this was my last real weekend in Jackson.  Absolutely ridiculous.


Thursday was Cinco de Mayo.  After spending the entire day at the pool with Katie B., I thought it would be fun to celebrate at a Mexican restaurant.  Luckily, some of my friends finished their finals that day or at least had a good break until their next final, so a few people wanted to celebrate.  We met at our favorite Mexican place out on Lakeland, El Sombrero, for delicious food and cheap margaritas.

Jamie and Chris and their "Corona-rita"

Karlia, BB, and Kip on my side of the table 

I was supposed to meet some other friends downtown so I asked these kids all if they would like to go, too.  We all went to George Street, which has Ladies Night on Thursdays, and met some of our other friends, too.  It was actually a really fun night.  The weather was kind of cool and GSt had the patio from the restaurant next door open.  There was a band outside on the patio and since it was cool, it was a lot of fun.  Then there was a dj upstairs so if you wanted a different kind of music, you could go up there.  It was PACKED, too, and a few other law students were there.  It was a good night!

The dinner crew at GSt
Chris and BB are standing
Jamie, Jess, Kip, and Karlia are sitting

We ran into these boys who were out right smack during the middle of their finals
Patrick, Frank, and Griner 

I was upstairs dancing and looked up and there was good ole' Robbie, one of my favorite 2Ls 

Me and BB are ready to go home here 

Friday night was girls' night.  After having a late night Thursday night, we decided we didn't really want to do anything too big and since Katie and Brandie will be starting Bar prep next week and then I'll be moving shortly after, we decided it may be our last girls' night.  We went to Newks and then to see Something Borrowed.  Lacey recommended that book to me a few months back and I read it and enjoyed it and was excited to see the movie.  I will say that I am hard to please when I read a book fist and then see the movie, but I actually really enjoyed this one.  It was cute and I liked the actors/actresses.  If you need a good, fun movie to see with your girlfriends, I recommend it!

After sleeping in on Saturday and then spending the rest of the day doing laundry and straightening our house for the tons of guests who are coming into town, I was sooo excited to get to spend Saturday night with my very favorite British fellow!  Martin is a law student from Manchester, England, who has been here in Jackson since February interning with the Office of Capital Defense Counsel here in Jackson.  He's leaving on Wednesday to head back to England, so since it was his last weekend, too, we finally had our date night.  We went to dinner at Philip's on the Rez (where I will be taking my family later this week).  I love Philip's because it really is ON the rez and they have a huge deck overlooking the water so we got to watch the sunset over the water and then watch as the boats came in.  They also have live music most every night on the deck, so we got to enjoy some great music as we ate dinner.  It was a lot of fun and we stayed there for quite a while.  Then we walked next door to go to Pelican Cove.  It, too, is on the water but a little 'less classy'.  We had a couple of drinks there and just chatted.  We then went to Shuckers and met Stephen and Katie and a couple of other people.  Shuckers is always entertaining and that was Martin's first time so I was able to introduce him to the concept of 'the cougar.'  I loved it.  After everyone else left, Martin and I stayed and enjoyed a couple more drinks and danced with the band.  Around 1:30 when they were getting ready to shut down, we left.  Since it was so late and there's not much open and we weren't in a 'party' mood, we decided to just go back to Martin's apartment downtown.  We sat and chatted and played a couple of silly games.  It is fun talking with Martin because he does not hesitate with his questions.  He asks everything from questions abour Mississippi culture to racial tensions to about my best friend from growing up.  If he's curious, he asks, so there's never a quiet moment.  He's fun and I'm sad he's heading back to England sooo soon. 

Sunday was a lazy day.  Kip and I just sat around and didn't do very much.  It was a nice, relaxing day!

My family is starting to get into town tomorrow.  I'm kind of excited.  Graduation is SO soon!!!

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