Weekend #4

I'm counting down the weekends I have left in Jackson.  After this fantastic weekend, I only have three left so hence the title of this post.

Friday I worked my last Acceptance Day at the law school.  In my work with the Admissions Office, I'm always asked to work at the functions with potential and/or new students.  On Friday, we had about 50 kids who have been accepted to MCLaw come in for a day full of activities.  We took them down to the University Club (mid-tornado weather, by the way) for lunch where I took part in my last student panel.  Then back to the law school for mock classes, housing and financial aid sessions, and tours.  It is crazy to be welcoming these new kids who are about to begin their adventures as law students while I am getting ready to end mine.  But, I love my school and the people there so I want them to love it, too.

After Acceptance Day, I had to drive straight to north Ridgeland to Ridgeland High School.  I spent Friday evening (well, really, because of the weather, I didn't get out of there until right at midnight) judging at the MS State High School Speech and Debate Competition.  I had to be back there Saturday morning at 7am, too.  I spent all day Saturday judging, too, and finally got out of there around 7:30.  It was really interesting, though.  I didn't do speech and debate when I was in high school, so my knowledge of it was very limited, but they threw me right in and I was judging these kids all by myself (except for the finals rounds).  They competed in three different types of debate and then about 10 types of speech.  Some of it was very entertaining while some of it was very serious and almost boring.  There were about three other law students who judged, too.  When we weren't judging rounds, we got to hang out in the Judges' Lounge where they had SOOO much food.  It was ridiculous.  I mention it only because of how much there was.  There were three or four workers in charge of the food and they continuously brought things out - from a chocolate fondue fountain to chicken lasagna to biscuits to fruit to chips and dips to homemade cookies to chili.  I mean, it was ridiculous.  So, if we weren't judging, we felt like we needed to be hanging out snacking.  ha.  The competition was a lot of fun, though!!!

Saturday night I met some friends of mine at our favorite local bar, Fenians.  We just sat there and chatted and caught up all night.  My two English friends got to come (after they went to Jackson's own roller derby!!), too.  Even though I was incredibly tired from having to get up so early for the competition, I enjoyed hanging out with everyone for a chill and relaxing night at Fenians. 

Today, I went to church at Pinelake.  It was a great service and super crowded.  I went by myself because my friend, Paige, was out of town.  Then I had to go straight to the law school to help some friends with their trial practice class.  At the end of each trial practice class, the students have a mock trial.  I'm going to be a witness for two friends at their trial on Tuesday so we had to practice today. 

After I left the law school, I went to my friend, Rob's.  I haven't been to Rob's in ages, but we went today for a Pims day.  Karlia and Martin, my English friends, bought us Pims - a favorite English summertime drink - and mixed it with English style lemonade.  We sat out by the pool at Rob's complex and just drank our Pims lemonade and hung out.  We played bean bag toss - which is cornhole, just the fancy version.  Chris bought burgers and stuff so we grilled out, too.  Then when it finally got too cool to stay out there, we went in and played the new Rock Band for a bit.  It was such a fun afternoon and I can't wait until our next pool day - when it is actually warm enough to get in the pool! 

It was a busy weekend and I was at home VERY little, but since I have so little time left, I'm all about going and doing!  This week will be busy and fun, too.  I only have THREE more classes, two papers, and a final and I'm done with law school.  CRAZY!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too, and that the upcoming week is even better!

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