Tuesday's Movie Date

First, let me say that today was my last day of work!  Woohoo!  I've enjoyed my semester working at the State Treasurer's, but I'm glad to be finished now.  I'm at the 'no motivation' point and would much rather spend my last few days at the pool than working, so I'm glad now I can! 

Okay, now on to movie night!

Martin (my English friend) and I went on a movie date tonight to see "The Lincoln Lawyer." 

I've wanted to see it for a while now and so we finally went.  I was quite pleased.  Since I've been in law school, it's ridiculously hard to watch law related movies and not spend the entire time critiquing them or saying how things would not really happen like that, etc.  I did do that some in this movie, but the story line was really good, it was entertaining, and suspenseful, so I was able to overlook some of the 'that's wrong' moments.  Also, I LOVE Matthew McConaughey so of course I loved his movie.

However, I have to say, I really really liked Josh Lucas's character in this movie.  Yes, it was more of a minor role, but I think I related more to him and his big blue eyes don't hurt either . . .

I'm glad I finally got to see this movie.  As Martin and I were discussing afterwards, it makes us excited for what we are going to be doing in a few months - three or so for me and 18 for him.  Sure, I don't necessarily want to be this type of lawyer, but it makes me excited to work for these ideals of a true and just legal system seeking innocence over evil and I know that regardless of which area of law I practice, that will still be my baseline of my profession.  I'm excited! 

I definitely recommend The Lincoln Lawyer!

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